Can I Do a Base Color and Highlights at the Same Time?

Many people wonder if they can do highlights and a base color at once. The answer is yes. However, you should take more than three hours. The time you will do is determined by the experience of your stylist. Also, it depends on the appearance you want to get. If you want to do them at the same time, you have to make sure that your hair is not damaged by past color treatments. Also, it should be done by an experienced professional. Keep reading this article to learn more about this topic. 

How to Ask for Base Color and Highlights in a Salon

If you want to do them in a salon, you should determine what you expect for your hair. However, your stylist may not keep it in mind. Therefore, you should explain to him/her what you want. If you hope to change your base color, it’s essential to be very specific about it. You need to determine which base color you want and which color highlights you want. Otherwise, you may get an unexpected look as you look for. 

We recommend you to show your stylist a picture of what you want to get. If you don’t have a picture, ask for ideas about which one to change the base color of your hair. You only can sit down in the salon if you are sure about what you want to achieve. 

It’s not a good idea to have more than two different shades between your highlights and base color. For instance, you should get light brown hair with blonde highlights or medium blonde. Besides, you can think about a base of dark brown with highlights of light brown. 

How to Do Them At The Same Time

As mentioned previously, we can do a base color and highlight at once. There are three steps of this process. First, your stylish style divides your hair into thin pieces. Then, apply the mixture of bleach. And, wrap these pieces in aluminum foil. 

Your stylist will apply the base color to the part of your rest hair when he wrapped your highlight in foil. He will remove it after the required time, and raise your hair. 

Like being said that it will take about three hours to do highlights and base color. However, it may be more or less than that. It depends on your experience. If you have more experience, the time will be shorter. 

How Often to Go Back to a Salon to Touch Up These Things

It’s best to go back to the salon every two months for base color. It’s essential to go back for your highlights every three months. If you want to do them together, the ideal time is every two months. 

The exact time depends on the speed your hair grows. Also, you have to consider if you have white hair. If yes, you may need to go to the salon more frequently. 


It’s possible to do a base color and highlights at the same time. However, you only should do it if you use a foiling tip that lets you apply the highlights to certain strands. This process should be done by a stylish person who has been trained for the best results as well. 

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